Put your Visitor First

and bring your webshop to the next level

To achieve this, use human technology, psychology marketing and persuasive advertising you didn’t use before.
Please, try one of the active influence buttons below to see it in action.

4 Clear steps to take you to the
Next Level

Step 1 Analyze your setup

First, analyzing your strategy, marketing channels, statistics and setup.
Quick wins (saving hundreds of € every month) and totally zero costs!

Timeline: 1 month

Step 2 Getting the persuation profile 

Next, we bast over 1000 highly converting visitors (up to 25% conversion rate!) to your site. Now we get a general best persuation profile.
Based on the principles of Influence.

Timeline: 6 weeks

Step 3 Setup automation

Now we know the customer journey, persuation profile, cost per sale and revenue per customer.
We start automate all communication with your visitor.

Timeline: 4 weeks

Step 4 Rinse and repeat

Smile everyday. You now have a solid base for success.
Lets continue keep an eye on your progress, profit, costs and keeps your Visitor First!

Timeline: month to month

Step 1 find the quick wins
to boost your profit

Because those who do not know how exactly every cent is spent on every advertising channel, we tear your marketing machine down into measurable pieces. We have found out that every client, even confident hiring the best marketeer, has spendings to save.

Take a look at the case Portofoonweb. At stage one we have found a loss of € 1200,- every month on Marktplaats advertising and another € 700,- wasted money on Google adwords. In total we have saved € 1900,- every month for this client.

Hint: with this savings, they created budget for further growth into step 2

step 1 analyze this
Step 2 individuals

Step 2 Getting to know every
single customer as a person

The need for individualization is in every single person. You can group each individual in buyer persona’s or another simple grouping system. But you still don’t know what drives every customer to visit your nice webshop and buy your products.

The base of your website is mostly missing the hit. As you can see above, we have statistics that proof our beliefs! It is not a religion, but it is the analytics are showing the real need for a new design.
We ask our clients, before we show them the results, to choose the group they think it is a winner. Most of our clients are wrong.

Our advise to you: Don’t trust your guts.

Step 3 Using your knowledge
to improve and gear up!

All automation makes your life easier. This count for us too, so we use the knowledge from earlier tests to create automated vehicles to improve your customer contact quality score (CCQS). Turning this automation into your system is a little technical and does not lead into an overnight growth.

This is a process that needs some input from you and your current data. Tell us your processes, what is in your customer communications plan, what software do you use (CRM, mailing-tools, messaging, advertising) This base needs to be perfect to get the best out of your store.

Once the customer is tracked in our system, we share this data to all of our clients.

Step 3 connect all gears
Step 4 Growth

Step 4 Let’s start growing
your conversion !

Get a great day to day, week to week and year to year experience. All the things we have done in the first three steps are combined and used to feed your wallet with a significant different kind of income. The visitor is teased with a better feeling and enjoys an emotional connection with your webshop.

And guess what a happy visitor would do in the future when he needs some of the products you offer? Right, a happy customer is a returning visitor.

So don’t be a regular store, but be the best store in the market and place your Visitor First!

How to apply to your Next Level plan


Call us first

Live fit test

Free talking to us

Individual product explanation

Limits apply (see *disclaimer below)

Gear up fast

Visitor First

Minimum of 100.000 unique visitors/month

Turnover minimum € 400.000,- per year

Return on investment: 3 months

Satisfaction guaranteed

Adapt our results

I am not sure


Low turnover

No marketing plan

Looking for cheap IM-solutions

Less then 100.000 unique visitors/month

No contracts! Facts based solution! Clear and open communication!

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I am completely blown away. Since we have started using Visitor First, we have stressed our shipping department many times. Nice work, using human technology to achieve better results. It’s just amazing.

Jelle van Huizen

I have gotten at least 5 times the value from Visitor First. Not only I have earned more money, also my clients are more satisfied. We have much more knowledge what does convert, but with respect to our customers.

Fredric Teerling

tablet disclaimer sprinkles

We take full responsibility for your incredible growth, better interaction with customers, your happy clients and the fun we have together to achieve this.

But, to be honest, we can not support every webshop in the world. Due to technical limitations and the personal contact with our clients, we have are able to serve only the better stores.  So be sure you fit this:

  • Magento store
  • Running it for at least a year
  • The best people working on your store
  • Multiple channels for incoming visitors
  • A turnover at least € 35.000,- on your store(s)

If you apply to this conditions, we are glad to help you!


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